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This web page is composed of images from "Focus on Digital Landscape Photography", a how-to book on tools and visual techniques of making great landscape images with your digital camera. Published by Lark Books (2010) it's available online, at Barnes & Noble bookstores and, if you would like a signed copy, from

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3.Michael D. Miller Photography(non-registered)
Hello, Mr. Schaub. Just read your article and thought I'd check out how the site works. I currently use but there are some things I don't really like about it.
I've been a Zena folio for three days now. You were right, this web site builder is awesome. It offers a lot and so far its been a breeze to use. I signed on for the year. Premium. Thanks.
1.Scott Cluett Photography
Great pics George! Just read your article in Shutterbug. I've had my Zenfolio site up for 3-4 years now and read with great interest all the new stuff they have added. Didn't realize you could add a slide show to the home screen! You have re-sparked my interest in I just have to find the time to play around with it a little! Cheers!

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